2018 Functional Strength CrossFit LIFTING COMP Entry Fee $25 




2018 Functional Strength CrossFit Postal


Compete in 1 or compete in both…

The Functional Strength CrossFit Weightlifting Postal Competition is aimed at any CrossFitter at any level that is able to perform a Snatch + Clean & Jerk and/or Back Squat & Deadlift. This is a friendly competition based around participation.

The purpose of the Postal is to encourage more of a focus on Olympic Weightlifting and Strength to improve your CrossFit. This is an opportunity to compare yourself to other CrossFitters by bodyweight and challenge yourself to achieve new personal bests.

Division 1 – Olympic Total

Snatch + Clean & Jerk = Total

Placings by : Body Weight vs Weight lifted (IWF Sinclair formula)

Division 2 – Powerlift Total

Back Squat + Deadlift = Total

Placings by: Body Weight vs Weight lifted (IPF Wilks formula)

Placings and Results

From the Postal results the following Athletes will be invited to the Championships at Functional Strength HQ- 7A Piermark Drive, Rosedale, Auckland. Sat 3 November 2018.

Division 1:

Open Men & Women Top 15 (placings determined by IWF Sinclair formula)
Masters Men & Women Top 5 masters (placings determined by IWF masters adjusted Sinclair formula)

Division 2:

One open category only: Top 10 Men and Women (placings determined by IPF Wilks formula)


Lifts are to be of an acceptable standard in an Olympic Lifting Competition and/or Powerlifting competition, no elbow press-outs in Oly lifts etc and make sure you are in control of the lift.
Squat must pass below parallel and Deadlifts must be performed in conventional style (ie. not sumo wide stance) fully locked out at the top of the lift and controlled down/ keep holding the bar until returned to ground.
No pulling straps allowed in either divisions. Squats must pass below parallel with only soft knee wraps/sleeves and belt acceptable, ie RAW.
Lifts must be performed in front of a CrossFit or Strength Coach who will verify results.

It is encouraged that Athletes upload lifts to the Facebook Page but not mandatory, however all submitted lift results MUST be videoed incase of required verification.


In the past we have had the affiliate submit scores as a group but we understand this takes extra time organising so we have moved to a live scoreboard! Others wont be able to view your submissions until after the cut score entry off time of 12 August 9pm.

When you register you will receive a code to submit your own results during the week of 4-12 August. If you make an entry and want to update it this is also possible, you will just sign back in with your code.

Submitting scores you will need:
Code you receive after entering 

Bodyweight at time of lift. If lifts are performed separately across the week the lightest body weight (at the time of the lift) across the week will be acceptable to be submitted.

Lift weights in KGS

Name of the Coach who verified your lift. 

PRIZES up for grabs for the POSTAL

Division 1 – Olympic Total
Team’s Event: Top 3 Male and 3 Female’s Sinclair scores from each CrossFit will be put towards team total (no extra cost to enter a team)

Division 2 – Powerlift Total
Team’s Event: Total = Wilks formula for every person entered from a Facility (no extra cost to enter a team)

SOCIAL MEDIA DAYILY GIVE AWAY – One prize pack for every day of the postal
Facebook OR Instagram Tags

Facebook Post a Video or Photo with the following comment:

“ I’m entered in the @Functional Strength CrossFit Lifting Postal with @Industrial Athletic”

Note: on Facebook – Make video privacy settings public

Instagram Post a Video or Photo with the following comment:

“ I’m entered in the @Functional_strengrth_CrossFit Lifting Postal with @industrialathletic”




Division 1 – Olympic Total (Placings using Sinclair formula)
Top 3 Placings Overall:
Open Mens & Women
Masters Men & Women

Division 2 – Powerlift Total (Placings using Wilks formula)
Top 3 Placings Overall:
Open Men & Women

Important dates

Entry fee due by: Sunday 12 August. Entry will stay open for the duration of the competition.
Lifts performed during: Saturday 4-12 August
Results entered by: Sunday 12 August 9pm
Championships: Sat 3 November

How to enter

Cost: $25 per person
(Cost to enter is the same for 1 or 2 divisions)

No refunds of entry fee.

Results in the Functional Strength Olympic Weightlifting Postal are not recognised as official within ranking lists, selection or qualification for grading with Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand




Thank you to our event sponsor Industrial Athletic

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